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For This Week


  • The Saturn Space Wizards are hosting a galvanic scavenger hunt throughout the Ames Public Library, open to anyone in the public.
  • DIY home experiment and quiz competition in partnership with Salon Bonita. Made by the Science in the City mentors!


  • The Brussel Haters Team is working with Sigler and All Star Glass to invent an interactive board game.
  • The Broken Ribs Club is designing a choose your own adventure activity in collaboration with FamousFive-6 Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu and Sunshine Massage. (tentative, this one may be delayed until Wednesday)


  • PowerSynthesis is filming a video tutorial on how to make a mini model solar panel with Powerfilm and documenting the processes behind sheet metal printing with Sigler.
  • The SitC Nerds are engineering a VR experience based around McFarland Clinic.
  • The Fast and Curious are designing an online escape room with Ames Chiropractic and an online Jeopardy-style game with Danfoss!

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