Great Day, Science in the City Friends!

Here is the transcript from an interview I had with Mrs. Katrina Williams earlier today.

How did you get involved with Science in the City?

Ames Middle School Principal Mr. Yonas Michael asked me if I knew the gifted student Davis Verhoeven and from there we pitched the idea of Science in the City?

How would you describe your role in SitC?

Founding Advisor.

How would you explain the purpose of SitC?

To expose underrepresented students to STEM in a fun and unique manner. And to generate the next generation of scientists.

What’s been your favorite part of SitC?

The students. Stop by H2O9 to see me.

What are you looking forward to do in SitC.

To cultivate the next generation of STEM leaders.

Many thanks to Mrs. Williams for the opportunity to interview her. I’ll see you in the next post for some more Science in the City fun!


Vijay Williams

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