Our Sponsorship Program

While there is no cost for businesses to join Science in the City, we have a tiered sponsorship program. Various benefits will be afforded to our sponsor businesses. Checks are made out to the Ames Middle School Booster Club.


Special Thanks To

Iowa Stem Council

Provided $10,000 to the program through the STEM Best Award

Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council

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Tier 1


Provided advising services, professional development, curriculum development, and materials

Qi Learning Research Group

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Tier 2


provided $1,000 sponsorship


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Tier ∞


provided $200 sponsorship

Blue Sky Orthodontics

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provided $200 sponsorship through t-shirts


providing advertising and publicity

Ames Public Library

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providing advertising and publicity

Ames Chamber of Commerce

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Science in the City

Ames School District