combined action of a group of people especially when effective and efficient

Why this is Important

Seeds for future development

Teamwork among a diverse group of people will almost always reveal new, fresh ideas. And those new ideas are invaluable in today’s competitive business environment.

The differing ages, backgrounds, skill sets, and experience levels of a team means that there’s a unique perspective just waiting to be heard. When you create a safe space where individuals can work together as a team without the fear of criticism, new ideas and perspectives will start to flow.

How We Create Change

By learning in groups, students are pushed into situations where they are encouraged by their mentors to create an impactful team.

By meeting with company representatives students and challenged to collaboratively expand their team to work within the expertise of the bussiness.

By creating a demo students are empowered to pursue teamwork for the benefit of their own impact and the community.

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