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Science in the City is a club for everyone. We welcome all students and you do not have to be good at science to be a part of our team. As a member of Science in the City, you have the opportunity to have a blast doing hands-on, real-world activities, to work with local businesses, and to be a leader in our community. Science in the City is all about what they don’t teach you in class. Come see how businesses in our community work and come learn skills used in every career. 

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core values

At Science in the City, we take learning out of the classroom and into the real world. We value the students, mentors, and advisors and value education, inclusion, learning, growth, and support.


We value and support students and their education in the classroom. Science in the City goes above and beyond to help demonstrate the world of science in the real world.


We value the growth of our students, mentors, and advisors. We strive to develop the growth of knowledge in STEM, as well as a growth mindset.

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We value the inclusion of anyone and everyone. We want all our students, mentors, and advisors to feel included and know that they are very appreciated.


We value the support of one another when we take risks, try new things, and challenge ourselves. Mistakes will be inevitable and we will always support each other.

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Work with a team to build a hands-on demo that showcases how a local business uses STEM.



Connect with our community and see how your learning applies outside the classroom.



Present your demo at the Science in the City community event.                                                     



Create an inclusive and supportive community where everyone can flourish.


Science in the City will give students unique opportunities to learn about STEM, as well as the ins and outs of how science works in a business.

our students to be ready

Students will get an experience of a lifetime and learn so much that will benefit them in their future life and career!

our Leaders

Our mentors and advisors have worked hard to make Science in the City come to life. They are passionate about science and want to share their knowledge and support with younger students.

Davis Verhoven

SitC Project Founder


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